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Cooper for his part started to notice this mans attention and would look
up mi milf ass and flash a toothy smile before
burying himself back in the sand. Cooper loved men to talk to him, but was
always very shy about it. He has probably spent hours just staring and
smiling at men hoping that they would strike up a conversation or play with
him. Today Cooper got his wish. I couldn’t tell what the man was saying
to Cooper, but I am sure it was something pretty benign like "nice hole you
dug there". Cooper stood and started to shyly respond to this mans
prompts. Mom’s of boys know all to well what there sons look like when they
get these man crushes. We don’t admit that its flirting, but that is
exactly what it is. Our sons flirt with men, looking them in the eyes,
batting their eye lashes, giving big smiles and laughing at even the
non-funniest of comments.

After a few moments, Cooper ran up to be and told me he was getting horny
in when see european ass. I told him have fun and I am sure he didn’t hear me as he
was already in the water by the time I finished speaking. The man took off
his shirt and glasses and was in the water with Cooper, just out past the
point where the waves break they were swimming and talking with lots of
laughs. It didn’t take long for me to see this man start to get closer and
closer to russian‘s and then to start to find interesting ways of touching
him. I gasped as I saw him reach over and tenderly swipe the hair away from
Cooper’s forehead. The longer they played in the water the more familiar
they became. Cooper started to climb up this mans back and the man started
to toss Cooper this way and that. I saw my son now riding this man around
the water, first on the man’s back, then Cooper was in the front with his
arms around the mans neck and legs wrapped around him. The man was no
longer playing with Cooper, just holding him there close. At first you
would have thought father and son, with the dad tenderly holding the boy to
him in the waves. Then the longer you would look the more you would see
two lovers holding each other close, lost in each others company. I saw
the man get bolder and bolder now having his hand on my sons ass pulling
the boy in close and I noticed them getting farther and farther away from
shore. Now only Cooper’s and the man’s head could be seen and it was left
up to my imagination to decide what was happening under the water.

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I live about 30 minutes from the beach and we make frequent trips there.
Cooper has these white board shorts that are translucent when they get wet i able to see his cock.
His small pink cock can be seen clearly through them and they hug his ass
so perfectly that all his curves are on display. Cooper loves to run
around in the waves and for all his jumping, squealing and screaming you
would think he is more girl than boy. Todays routine was no different than
any other days. I put our blanket down while cooper quickly kicked off his
sandals, threw his shirt at me and ran towards the water. I laid on my
side facing the water so I could see him and noticed a young man also
keeping an eye on Cooper for me. This young man was probably 23ish and had
a pretty nice build to him. His bleached hair, open pink shirt and flashy
earring did their job at telling the world he was gay.

The man would walk up the beach pretty briskly then slow when he was
near Cooper staring at my boy and smiling like he was just enjoying the fun
the boy was having in the waves. Maybe if he passed just once I would have
bought that, but after several trips with his feet slowing almost to a stop
now as he looked Cooper up and down I knew what his mind was thinking.
Cooper came just out of the water where his favorite thing to do was to
build moats and holes for the water to fill in. He loved to dig in the
sand, which lucky for this man who was so found of watching sex Cooper meant
that my boy would be down on his hands and knees ass up in the air as his
head was buried in the sand. In a perfect position for a good eye fucking.
Of course that’s exactly what this man did to Cooper, I saw him quicken his
pace from down the beach and then again slow to almost a complete stop when
he neared cooper. I became increasingly enthralled and horny as I watched
this man adjust his cock as he continued to stare down at my sons small
ass. Every time he passed Cooper I kept hoping for more, something else
that would increase my excitement more. I don’t know if I wanted him to
mount Cooper right there in the sand, but I knew that I wanted something
more to happen.

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“What would Sky’s audition entail?”

“Well does he have any experience?” Mr Jacobs asked

I knew the meaning of the question and he wasn’t asking about acting


“No he is a complete virgin porn” I responded. Not needing to mince words

any longer I came out with the question that needed asked.

“What would he have to do and with who?”

“I see that you have been around and aren’t naïve. Your son is just too

fucking hot and lucky for you the director, the producer, and I are all

long time friends who have similar tastes. You obviously don’t have the

talent for this role, but I do no a great coach who could help you and if

you are willing to put in the work and trade some of pussy for fuck Sky’s services as well

then I can guarantee you this part.”

“I understand, but I still would like to know the sex services Sky will need

to perform”

“Most moms don’t want to know Misty. Sometimes the less you know the

better” Mr. Jacobs responded.

“Well I guess I am not like most moms then, I will only agree if you

tell me exactly what you will do with my incest son”

“Ok well, the three of us, plus a couple of other friends who we owe

favors to will take some fuck with the boy. He will be undressed and fondled,

we will kiss him and blowjob him.”

I found myself actually getting breathless and wet as Mr. Jacobs gave

me these details.

“for $50,000 I cant imagine that is all you want with Sky?”

“No, I suppose not. He will suck all of our cocks, and maybe even a few

extras. Mr. Speilman, the director is much more into face fucking than

having his cock sucked, so you can probably count on Sky having his throat

fully fucked.”

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There is a not so well kept secret in Hollywood porn movie, that the more you are
willing to degrade yourself the more work you will get. I have lived in LA
for 15 years now and have degraded myself many many times for work. I have
done porn along with B movies with directors and producers who were nothing
more than pimps and johns. I never quite had the talent to make it big, I
have a pretty face and a nice body but my voice isn’t right on film and I
sometimes have trouble keeping my dialogue natural sounding. So early on I
learned that sex was a great alternative to talent for porn. This also got me in
trouble early on giving me both a son and daughter. My son, Sky, is now 11
and my daughter Moon is now 12. Yes I gave them hippie names as I have
always been a free spirit into free love and free drugs.

As my son and daughter grew it became increasingly obvious that mp4 sex I was
not the best mother. One time when I thought I found a real catch he
turned out to be kind of a pervert. We were both drunk and hi and horny as
fuck when he asked me if I would jerk him off in my kids room where they
were both sleeping. I was appalled at the thought, but when he offered me
$200. to just let him watch them sleep while I masturbated him I gave in.
Moon was 8 and Sky was 7 at the time, they both slept together in a twin
size bed. They slept with a lamp on because they were both slightly
frightened by the dark so they were both quite visible. I expected for him
to stand in the doorway while I quickly jerked him off, but he walked right
over to the side of their bed sex and looked down at Moon. I came up behind
him and started to slowly jerk him off while he looked into Moon’s peaceful
face. I found myself getting upset at how aroused I was getting. The
scene was so wrong and yet I was practically dripping with sex. I watched
silently as he pulled their blanket down and away from them. Moon had on
just a t-shirt and panties on, both were in plan view along with part of
her belly. Sky always sleeps in his boxers exposing his skinny frame and
muscled stomach. I could feel the excitement grow in his cock as he now
had an even more intimate view of my two sleeping beauties.



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After stepping from the shower and drying she exited now wearing
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The 18 year old handed Dr. Girard a note and explained in calm French,
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slightly as if it held something.

In a brief moment she ragingly suspected it was another blackmail
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you, this is for you.”

The envelope held an African necklace with unique earth colored stone
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Asia – the place for food (Part 2)

Having already developed a liking for Chinese and Indian food in the UK, moving to Japan opened up new food possibilities.

In Japan I found slightly different variety of Chinese food, and enjoyed eating garlicky gyoza dipped in chilli oil, vinegar and soy sauce. Gyoza are a bit like a Chinese verion of ravioli, with a little parcel of meat or prawn wrapped in a type of thin pasta. I also found in Japan the popular Chinese dish known as Ghengis Khan, which is stir fried slices of lamb with vegetables.

Another discovery in Japan was Korean food, and I once had a great meal at a Korean restaurant in Kyoto, where we had fried garlic, delicate slices of raw liver – yes, I really didn’t realise how raw liver could taste so good – and then grilled meat and kimchee.

From Japan I visited Thailand, and here I was willingly seduced by yet another variety of food. The Thai food combines the fieryness and spice found in Indian food, with some of the crispiness and soupiness of Chinese food. I fell in love with Thai green curry, which I now often make at home. An additional feature of Thai food which makes it so tasty from my point of view is the plentiful addition of coconut milk and pulp which I so much like.

One feature that runs throughout all of Asian food is rice, and I am sure that this is one of the reasons why I like it so much. Although British, I am more a fan of rice than of bread and potatoes.

Asia – the place for food (Part 1)

As a resident of the UK, my love of Asian food probably started with the excellent Chinese restaurant in my small home town, run by a couple from Hong Kong. The crispness and freshness of the ingredients grabbed me at once, as well as the delicious flavours of char sui, (red cooked pork), duck, and other exciting dishes. Having discovered Chinese food I was then eager to try other establishments, and with other foodies went to restaurants in Leeds and Birmingham.

Then it was Indian food, and many a time, when out with friends, we couldn’t decide whether to go to an Indian or a Chinese restaurant. I once heard that to eat Indian food is to take a glimpse of heaven, and I have certainly found this to be true, with the irresistable flavours, the spiciness, the rich sauces, and the lovely scented pillao rice. My friends in the UK who come from Indian families recommended Indian cookery books for me and other Indian food enthusiasts to try, and we cooked up some very passable and tasty dishes of our own.

Then I moved to Japan, and discovered how delicious sushi can be – particularly liking the sushi rolls. Here I also discovered many different kinds of noodles, from the lovely ramen with pork that you can have in the small ramen shops after a night out, to the fine, white somen that are so cooling in the summer. I also discovered miso soup, which I still have to this day.

Victoria Peak – for wonderful views of Hong Kong

When you think of Hong Kong, you probably think of skyscrapers and shops, bustling streets and double decker buses. Hong Kong has all this, but I found that one of the most scenic and enjoyable parts of my trip to Hong Kong, was my journey up, and walk around, the Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak is a mountain in Hong Kong, located in the western half of Hong Kong Island, and is 552 metres high. Although the summit of Victoria Peak is occupied by a radio telecommuncations facility which is closed to the public, the rest of the peak is mostly publicly accessibly park land, including a circular Hikers’ Trail around the peak, which affords magnificent views over the city of Hong Kong, its harbor, and the surrounding islands. The Trail is well laid out and signposted, and a stroll around it is a wonderfully peaceful way in which to spend a day, well away from the hustle and bustle of lively downtown Hong Kong.

You can get to the top of the Peak by means of the Peak Tram, which is a funicular railway, and in a mere 12 minutes whisks you from Hong Kong’s busy financial district to the top of the Peak. Alternatively, you can catch a bus, as I did, having chosen the one day that the Tram was closed for maintenance. Both tram and bus bring you into the shopping and leisure centers above the park, composed of the Peak Tower, and the Peak Galleria. At either of these you can grab a nice meal, with fine views, before setting off on your hike.